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Sacred Stones
A crystal boutique specializing in all natural healing products & services to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Instagram Live Sales

We sell the bulk of our crystals through live sales on our Instagram, @kingdomofcrystals22. To purchase your live sale claims, or to learn more about live sales, how they work, and the date of our next live, visit our Live Sales page.


Interested in our Instagram Live Sales?

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The Story of Kingdom of Crystals

Kingdom of Crystals is an online crystal boutique specializing in sacred stones from Mother Earth.

We also offer a variety of many unique, holistic and organic products designed to promote good health and happiness.

We host weekly live sales and pop-up story sales on our Instagram page, so keep checking back for updates!

We hope to have each of you become part of our crystal "Ohana" (family in Hawaiian) and look forward to our continued journey together of growth, discovery and wellness!

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About Us
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